Best Patios in Broken Arrow

Best Patios in Broken Arrow


Broken Arrow has plenty of great restaurant experiences. Many of these restaurants have patios for dining outside to enjoy the fresh air and views! Whether to enjoy the atmosphere, or to have isolation from the noise of dining inside, Broken Arrow has multiple amazing options for places to eat with patios. Here is our list of top 5 patios in Broken Arrow. 


1: Waters Edge Winery & Bistro

Waters Edge Winery & Bistro is a restaurant located in the Rose District of Broken Arrow. Waters Edge boasts a large selection of world-class wines and many food options, ranging from starters and salads, to superb paninis and burgers. This Winery’s patio out front will bring fresh air and views to guests. The patio features beautiful views of the Rose District. Try our patio and take in the atmosphere, listen to the birds sing, and have a peaceful and tasteful experience at Waters Edge Winery & Bistro! 


2: The Rooftop

Another great option which is also in the Rose District is The Rooftop. The Rooftop is a bar and pizzeria with, as the name suggests, a rooftop patio! This bar is reputable for their pizza, drinks, and views. The Rooftop is located just down the road from Waters Edge Winery & Bistro, so you don’t miss out on some of those same beautiful views of the Rose. 


3: The Nook

If you’re looking for craft beer with a fun patio, look no further than The Nook! This brewery has a wide selection of beer with an ever growing menu. When looking for a fun brewery with a range of games and tastes, The Nook is a great option. The Nook offers a play area for your kids while you socialize with friends and family, play some foosball, or just come to enjoy some great tasting beer!


4: Los Cabos

Los Cabos is renowned for their amazing Mexican food and drinks, but their patio overlooking the great Bass Pro Lake in Broken Arrow is quite the view! The large patio at the Los Cabos is great because they often host live music to accompany your dining experience with entertainment. Beautiful views over the pond and margaritas make for a great dinner atmosphere!


5: Charlestons

Charlestons is another restaurant with a patio that overlooks Bass Pro Lake. This restaurant has a moderately priced menu with high quality ingredients and cocktails! The atmosphere inside is casual and comfortable, but the atmosphere out on the patio is beautiful. A great place to watch the sunset while enjoying dinner!


This was our list of top 5 patios in Broken Arrow. For more information on Waters Edge Winery & Bistro visit


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